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Posted on 22-01-13

A healthy life
Almost everyone on the planet who is free from disease and strife wants to live a healthy life for as long as possible. Everyone on the planet is a player in the Game Of Life. Those who succeed keep playing, those who don’t, don’t. Those who succeed enjoy a healthy life for a long, long time. We are inspired by Jean-Louise Calment who has the bar at 122 years and 116 days. Healthy living depends on a healthy lifestyle So what do we need to do the enjoy the benefits of a healthy life. The causes of ageing are multi-factorial, so it follows that we need a holistic approach  to fight the ravages of time and reduce our biological age. Game Of Life is about promoting a healthy  living program under the guidance of a compassionate AI bot. GOLLY will gently but persistently lead you towards your stated longevity goals in the following ways.