11th Dimension brainwave research-fractal

Research for Ron Woodward, by Princess Victoria.

Research for 
Ron  Woodward, by Princess Victoria.

Following are the features -

1) It took more than 21 days to render on 18core workstation computer.
2) The formula used is too complex with number of iterations (10^52)
3) Iterations-
 Re = -1.31235634540993740817490024831624283934528221723358085346169439309763647258466555404176467270855719627365781511329079619271907267898966856967501625244607755465808227445968879786374165937153193880302324146670464198637557438028047856366332

Im = -0.000000000000001234466745633356786923258109619812791890265042901273757604053344981108509560473683087070507359603233973895470382311948724826903403699217505141469224009285540119961231129020008566668470887881584339953584067792594044543423

Zoom = 3.231E122

To calculate and understand the numbers

It has six layers of music each single beat
Combined with the-

1) Binaural Beats (Instant Relief From Anxiety & Stress)
2) Binaural beat boosted (Peaceful)
3) Binaural Deep Meditation
4) Binaural RELAX MUSIC (deep sleep)
5) Binaural Beats (Relax Mind Body, Inner Peace)
6) Pachelbel - Canon in D (Best Piano Version)

To better understand what is happening in the video maybe you will have to watch it several times.
It has a very high deep sleep feeling.

Master your mind (Kirtan Kriya) Designed by Princess Victoria For Australian medical research.


Step ahead in the future this is Princess Victoria

We have collaborated with various research worldwide and played a major role in troubleshooting problems at every level, our current major research is taking place in Australia. This research is related to brainwave frequency opening the new world of art in medical science.